Enrollment And Assessment

Diploma Program - Credit Courses

Offered as part of the Diploma of Christian Ministry, courses taken for credit include graded assessments in addition to access to the online course material. The Diploma qualification is denominationally accredited and recognized by Grace Communion International.

Intensive Learning Weekends

ACCM values learning in community, and offers face-to-face delivery where possible. Share your learning experience, and build fellowship connections by enrolling in an upcoming Intensive. Students can also submit assessment for previously attended Intensives.

Enroll in a Course

When you are ready to enroll, select either the credit or intensive learning weekend option from this page then click Enroll for the course you wish to pursue. You will then need to complete payment for the course before gaining access to the course material, and if applicable, assessment submission.

Completing the Assessments

Once enrolled, you can view your progress towards completing the course. Select an available Assessment for details on how to complete and submit it. Detailed information will also be available though the "My Assessments" area under Student Services. Some Assessments may not be available until prerequisites are completed. 
After completing an assessment, some allow you to record your completion and provide details about when and how you completed it. 
If the Assessment requires grading or approval from a Lecturer, it will appear as earned after it is approved and credit will be granted.

Complete the Course

After you complete and submit all of the necessary Assessment, and your work has been graded by your course lecturer (where applicable), congratulations! You've completed your course!