Diploma in Christian Ministry

ACCM's Diploma Program is created and maintained by Ambassador College of Christian Ministry, which is owned and operated by Grace Communion International in Australia. It is the church's primary focus for equipping its members through education for their contribution in the ministry of all believers.

Although study is required, the main emphasis favours practical application of learned principles in authentic situations which arise in everyday life within the redeemed community. When people sign up for an ACCM course, they're doing ministry - not just theorizing about it. The assignments and activities are intended to have our students making tangible contributions within their congregations, as they pursue a life of "Living and Sharing the Gospel".

The online environment encourages colleague dialog between fellow Christians from many countries and cultures and puts education opportunities within the reach of many scattered people whose circumstances preclude face-to-face attendance in a classroom. We are keen that this should develop over time and are hopeful that the Ambassador experience will continue to enhance people's individual walk with God, as well as nurture those precious international relationships that have for so long been a special hallmark of this fellowship.