Christian Leadership - Portland, 2019

All welcome!

What is Christian leadership? Who is a leader? This course enables students to answer these questions through the lens of Jesus Christ. The Christian Leadership course at ACCM is designed to help those involved in various areas of Christian leadership and ministry to be better equipped to take on the wide variety of challenges and opportunities leadership provides.

Location:                   Portland Embassy Suites, Tigard, Oregon.

Date:                          April 7th-8th

Fee:                            Credit: $150, Audit: $100.

After you have enrolled and paid the course free, you will have access to all of the course content (as well as the assessments for credit students); we encourage you to become familiar with the course material before attending the intensive. Prior study is not required, but an understanding of the content will allow for deeper engagement during discussions. You are also welcome to send in any or all of your course assessments before attending the intensive.

We’d love to see you there!

ACCM operates in 35 countries, and is the minimum standard educational qualification for people entering ministry in GCI around the world. It offers a unifying and clarifying equipping program for ministry, ministry leaders, and members across our denomination.
ACCM sponsors and scholarships students in many countries, some among the poorest in the world.
The course is part of the ACCM Diploma in Ministry. 

If you are interested in attending the West Regional Celebration as well and would like a hotel reservation please email