What devices/browsers can I use to access the ACCM site with?

Our May 2016 upgrade allows access from any PC or Mac, using any internet browser from any device, including IOS, Android and Windows mobile devices (with some limitation with the use of flash quizzes in Foundations of Faith course) in a more responsive way.

Compatible Browsers

  • Microsoft Edge 
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+ (Microsoft announced the end of support for Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10.)
  • Firefox 32+
  • Chrome 37+
  • Apple OS X and IOS 8.00 (native browser)
  • Google Android 4.4
  1. Older browser will most likely work on the site, although we recommend using the latest most stable release.
  2. On each browser, ensure that the region/language of the browser matches your region and the region of the operating system.
Tablets and Mobile Phone Technology

Most tablets and mobile phones equipped with a web browser will be able to access all of your class content including registration and assessment areas. Our site is a responsive website.

Flash Quizes

Our Foundations of Faith course uses quizes that are adobe flash based, so these wont work on most mobile devices and will only work in browser that have flash capabilities.

If you have any difficulties in accessing the site please talk to our friendly team via our email helpdesk for further assistance.