When will my work be assessed?

Ambassador College of Christian Ministry operates on a flexible learning platform, allowing students to start a course at any time they wish. This means that at any given moment, you and your colleagues are at different stages on your learning journey, submitting different assignments. Our system is designed for maximum convenience to you, while maintaining integrity in the quality of the training you receive. You can complete online course exercises and participate in moderated discussion boards whenever it suits you. Just log in and navigate around the course web. You may submit an assignment at any time convenient to you (within the overall duration of your student login). It will be assessed during the next assessment period from when you submit it and feedback provided within a week of the end of that period. The Schedule of Assessment periods can be obtained via the "Student Services" dropdown Menu. This arrangement eliminates the need for students to apply for time extensions. You can submit work for assessment any time that suits you with as you plan to complete the course within the suggested 6 month period.