What Recognition will the Program Offer?

The ACCM Diploma in Christian Ministry is a denominationally recognized ministry qualification. Those completing each course will receive an email confirming their successful completion of their work. Those completing all ten courses will receive the Diploma in Christian Ministry. ACCM Diplomas will be recognized by Grace Communion International and the Worldwide Church of God. While it is not an externally accredited program (and thus the units of study are not transferable to other programs), it is a quality program designed to meet the needs of men and women serving in ministry within the church. While completion of the program is not in any way a guarantee of appointment to a particular role of service, it is anticipated that people serving in positions of congregational responsibility will undertake at least selected units of study. Of course, we recognize that many of our lay leaders already have other ministry education. This program is not designed to supersede or negate such studies. It is simply an additional and accessible program for GCI/WCG members who are interested and will find it of benefit. In addition, members can undertake study for their own interest and receive recognition for successfully completing their study.