Why am I getting the wrong Date Format?

Guide to changing the selected Date Format for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

The dates displayed within pages on ACCM are dependant on the language settings for your Web Browser. If you see dates in the mm/dd/yyyy format but you normally use dd/mm/yyyy, please check to see that you have the correct language selected in your Browser. 

Google Chrome


Safari For Windows

Safari For Mac

Changing Date Formatting in Google Chrome 

From any page in Chrom select the menu button and then select Settings, alternativly you can type Chrome://settings into the search bar and you will be directed to the Settings page. 

Selecting Chrome Settings

From the Chrome Settings page select + Show Advanced Settings and find the Languages Heading. Then select Language and Input Settings

Select Language and Input Settings

You are then presented with the Languages settings where you are able to add and remove a language. From the Language page Select the Add button to add a new language. Then select the language you have just added and click Display Google Chrome in this Language and click Done. This will change the default language of your Browser, and in turn will also change the Date Format of your Browser. 

Select Display Chrome in this language

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Changing Date format in FireFox 

To change the Date formatting in Firefox begin by selecting Options from the Firefox Tool bar on any page. Alternativly you can select the Settings Button from the Firefox Home page. 

Select Firefox Options

From the Firefox Options page select the Content tab. Under the Content tab you will see the Languages Heading, select the Choose button opposite the Language heading. 

Select the Choose button opposite the Languages heading

From the Languages page select the dropdown Select a language to add.. to add a new language and click the Add button. Your new language will then be added, you then need to set the languages in order of preference. Highlight the Language you wish to use and then use the Move Up button to move your preferred language to the top of the list and click Ok to save the changes you have made. 


Select the preferred Language and move it to the top of the list

Your Firefox Browser date format has now been updated. 

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Updating Browser Date format in Safari 

Changing the Date format in Safari is a little different than other web browsers. Safari doesn't set its own date format within the browser, instead the date format is taken from your System Settings. Therefore to change the date format in Safari you need to change the language settings on your computer. 

Changing Date format in Windows

To change the system date format in Windows, begin by opening up the Start Menu by selecting the Windows button or using the Windows Key and open the Control Panel. From the Control Panel select the option Clock Language and Region

Clock Language and Region from Control Panel

Then select Region and Language From the options listed. 

Select Region and Language

Make sure that you have selected the Format tab which will display the options for your systems date format. Then set your preferred date format using the options available from the form. 

Date Format Form


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Changing date format on a Mac. 

To change the date format from your Macintosh, first make sure that Safari has been closed by quitting the application. Then click on the Apple menu on the top left hand side of the screen and select System Preferences from the  menu. 

Select System Settings from Apple menu

From the System Preferences menu select Language and Text, which appears under the Personal section of the System Preferences menu. 

Select Language and Text

Select the Language tab and you are presented with a list of Languages on your System. Select the Edit List button to edit your languages list, including your preferred language if it isnt already included in the list. Use the Order for Sorted List option to order your language list. The Language at the top of the list is the language which will be used by safari, and your date format will be set to that language. Make sure you have moved your selected language to the top of the list and have edited the list in order or preferenece. You new language settings will take effect after your system has been restarted. 

Language and Text Settings

Thanks to https://my.sosius.com/sosius/help/tutorials/changing_browser_date_formatting