Effective Communication

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This practical course helps students understand the essentials of the communication process, identify potential communication problems, construct productive approaches to communication, and develop strategies to develop effective communication skills. Students can benefit from this course in their personal and family lives, in their learning, and in their career development.

This subject aims to introduce students to the basics of interpersonal and business communication, equipping them to communicate more effectively and with greater awareness and skill in both personal and business environments. It is designed to help students heighten their awareness of the function and value of communication. The subject aims to equip students with the ability to use the communication skills required in meetings, group discussions, interviews, and presentations.

On completion of this subject students should be able to:

  • Identify key elements and principles of communication
  • Demonstrate understanding of the communication process
  • Describe their own communication strengths and growth areas
  • Demonstrate ability to prepare and present a short oral presentation
  • Describe and practice key listening skills
  • Prepare a clear and informative piece of written communication


Class 1

  • What is communication?

Class 2

  • Personal communication styles

Class 3

  • Listening skills

Class 4

  • Presentations

Class 5

  • Written communication

Class 6

  • Choosing the Right Communication Tool

Planning Your Study

This subject consists of six classes, but not every class is of the same length or detail, and the exercises, readings, and assignments can vary from one class to the next. This is partly a result of trying to “group” related material together rather than artificially split it up into smaller classes. There are pieces of assessment to be completed after each Class. However, in a couple of instances the assessment only requires that you have completed the readings and reflective exercises.

Many of the lessons contain practical exercises for students to carry out. These exercises are designed to provide “hands-on”, real-life practice in the skills or concepts explained in a particular lesson. In some instances you will be asked to report on particular exercises. These reports may form part of your lesson assignment. You may be asked to submit notes on these exercises for assessment. It is important that you engage as fully as possible in these exercises to maximize your learning in this course. Sometimes it will be relatively easy to fulfill the exercise. But some situations may require asking friends, family or colleagues to assist by role-playing or providing feedback.

Texts and Supporting Materials


The TEAM Publications Communication Effectiveness Profile, is a self-assessment instrument that is part of this course. The profile is mailed to our students as part of their registration confirmation for this course.

Assigned readings are available for download from the Effective Communication class web (Refer to class notes).

To purchase books from the course bibliographies, select the "Bookstore" option from the Student Services dropdown menu. Ambassador College of Christian Ministry partners with Amazon Books to provide fast, efficient service and delivery of your textbook needs worldwide.


The assessment items for this course include:

  • A self awareness profile and response
  • Preparing, delivering and self-evaluating an oral presentation
  • Writing a short report about your course learning

Assessment Submission

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Dates for Assessment

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Grading System

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Class Notes - Conventions

As you work through the class notes, you'll have opportunities to complete exercises, reflect on particular points and take special note. These are clearly indicated, with relevant instructions alongside

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