Free Offer

Free Offer

Visitors to our web site often ask "What is it like to take on an ACCM course?"

Beyond the information contained in the "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ), we thought you might enjoy getting a feel for how the classes are presented.

Online learning, although well-established in formal education circles, is often a new (and thus daunting) experience to our students, so this Foundations of Faith introduction is provided free of charge for the purpose of familiarization. You won't need a technology degree to handle an ACCM course. We are working continually to simplify the delivery, leaving you free to concentrate on what's most important: the content.

Now to the free offer!

  • Classes 2 – 4, also free of charge, are located inside our secure content area and thus require a personal login. This is very easy to establish. Just click on this link, fill in the required details, and you're good to go!
  • Once you've established your ACCM login, you will gain access to Classes 2-4 through the "My Courses" menu listing in the top bar. Alternatively, you can simply click here.
  • The final classes (5 – 7) are available to students registered in a program. Since this requires some administration work at our end, we thus need to request a nominal fee of USD$50. Naturally, we’re hoping that you’ll choose to complete the course, preferably for credit towards a Diploma (credit students). Should you not feel inclined to pursue the course any further at this time, that’s quite OK. We’re happy to have had this time with you and you’re more than welcome to log back in for review purposes any time you like using your ACCM login.
  • If you do choose to complete the course, simply use the same personal login you’ve already established, click on this link and register for a program, choosing either “Audit” (no assessment work) or “Diploma” (credit – assessment work) from the menu. It’s that simple. Once you’re in a program, a list of available options will become visible to you, including the collaborative environment of learning shared with fellow students.

Your personal login is at the heart of your ACCM experience.

It determines which options and navigation menu items are visible and available to you when you visit our web site. Hence:

  • Visitors without a personal login can gain access to Foundations of Faith Class 1
  • People with a personal login can gain access to Classes 2 – 4
  • People with a personal login and also registered in a program (USD$50) have access to Classes 5 – 7.

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