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About Plagiarism

About Plagiarism

All students should make sure that the work they submit for assessment is their own. ACCM does not tolerate plagiarism of any kind. Any student found to have plagiarized someone else's work will be assessed as "R" (Resubmit). 

What is plagiarism? Plagiarism occurs when you use someone else's work, in part or in whole, without acknowledging them as the author or source. In other words, you are representing someone else's work as if it were your own. What are some examples of plagiarism?

•Copying other students' work
•Copying passages directly from text books, journal articles or the internet
•Summarizing someone else's words or ideas in your own words without full acknowledgment

What should I do to avoid plagiarism?

Always acknowledge the ideas, words and images which are not your own by using the appropriate referencing.


Can I complete this course entirely online?

Can I complete this course entirely online?

Yes! In fact, this is how the entire program is primarily delivered by ACCM. We also sponsor optional mixed-mode face-to-face learning intensives. Attendees at these events also have access to the web-based course resources.


How can I obtain Degree Verification and Transcript information?

How can I obtain Diploma and Transcript information?

Ambassador College of Christian Ministry (Australia) provides transcripts, documentation and other services for alumni of our Program.

For inquiries, please contact the Registrar.

Contact and transcript information available for alumni of:

•Ambassador University
•Ambassador College in Pasadena, California,
•Ambassador College in Big Sandy, Texas, or
•Ambassador College in Bricket Wood, England

by visiting 


How long do I have to complete my course?

How long do I have to complete my course?

Generally, when students register and pay for an ACCM course, we suggest completion within a twelve month period. Requests for extentions should be directed to the Registrar.


Inclusive Language

Inclusive Language

ACCM requires inclusive language to be used by all students when completing assessable work. That is, students will endeavor to avoid the use of sexist language, for example, by using he/him/his to stand for both sexes. Students must also avoid the use of discriminatory language that refers to age or race.


What about copyright?

What about copyright?

All Ambassador College of Christian Ministry subject material is copyrighted and used for educational purposes under strict copyright laws and agreements. Material is for the student’s individual educational use only and must not be copied, published or distributed in any form. By undertaking any course on any basis with us, you are agreeing to abide by this proviso.



What are the Prerequisites?

What are the Prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for commencing the Diploma Program. While the first the nine courses of the Diploma Program are listed in a generally recommended order, this is not required and the courses may be taken in any order best suited to your individual needs. To view all the courses, see the Diploma in Christian Ministry course outline.


What is the grading system?

What is the grading system?

In accordance with College policy, students will be awarded one of three grades: DISTINCTION, CREDIT or RESUBMIT. In addition to a student’s successful completion of the course exercises and participation in discussion forums (where applicable) assessors are examining submitted work on the basis of:

•Written or oral analysis and argument;
•Structure and presentation of material where appropriate;
•Cohesion between sections;
•Detail used to support the overall points being made and
•Adequate comprehension of the course materials, supplementary resources and any extra reading

•A DISTINCTION grade is generally awarded when work submitted reflects high standards in these assessment criteria. The student who scores a DISTINCTION has usually gone above and beyond the standard requirements
•A CREDIT grade is generally awarded when work submitted reflects a reasonable standard in the above criteria – which is the target.
•The R (for 'RESUBMIT') grade is awarded when the standard hasn’t yet reached the target level. We’re not interested in failing anybody, so be sure to make use of the assessor’s feedback, which will be provided. This will consist of advice on where you can improve your assignment. You will then be extended opportunity for up to two resubmissions during the current period of your enrolment in a course. Please address any administrative questions regarding grades to the Registrar.


What Recognition will the Program Offer?

What Recognition will the Program Offer?

The ACCM Diploma in Christian Ministry is a denominationally recognized ministry qualification. Those completing each course will receive an email confirming their successful completion of their work. Those completing all ten courses will receive the Diploma in Christian Ministry. ACCM Diplomas will be recognized by Grace Communion International and the Worldwide Church of God. While it is not an externally accredited program (and thus the units of study are not transferable to other programs), it is a quality program designed to meet the needs of men and women serving in ministry within the church. While completion of the program is not in any way a guarantee of appointment to a particular role of service, it is anticipated that people serving in positions of congregational responsibility will undertake at least selected units of study. Of course, we recognize that many of our lay leaders already have other ministry education. This program is not designed to supersede or negate such studies. It is simply an additional and accessible program for GCI/WCG members who are interested and will find it of benefit. In addition, members can undertake study for their own interest and receive recognition for successfully completing their study.


When can I start?

When can I start?

ACCM operates on a flexible learning basis, which means you can start whenever you like. We are open 24/7. Once you have created your personal login and registered for a course, you can start accessing the course resources.


Who can enroll in programs with Grace Communion Seminary?

Who can enroll in programs with Grace Communion Seminary?

Details of these programs are available at the GCS web site.


Why am I getting the wrong Date Format?

Why am I getting the wrong Date Format?

Guide to changing the selected Date Format for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

The dates displayed within pages on ACCM are dependant on the language settings for your Web Browser. If you see dates in the mm/dd/yyyy format but you normally use dd/mm/yyyy, please check to see that you have the correct language selected in your Browser. 

Google Chrome


Safari For Windows

Safari For Mac

Changing Date Formatting in Google Chrome 

From any page in Chrom select the menu button and then select Settings, alternativly you can type Chrome://settings into the search bar and you will be directed to the Settings page. 

Selecting Chrome Settings

From the Chrome Settings page select + Show Advanced Settings and find the Languages Heading. Then select Language and Input Settings

Select Language and Input Settings

You are then presented with the Languages settings where you are able to add and remove a language. From the Language page Select the Add button to add a new language. Then select the language you have just added and click Display Google Chrome in this Language and click Done. This will change the default language of your Browser, and in turn will also change the Date Format of your Browser. 

Select Display Chrome in this language

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Changing Date format in FireFox 

To change the Date formatting in Firefox begin by selecting Options from the Firefox Tool bar on any page. Alternativly you can select the Settings Button from the Firefox Home page. 

Select Firefox Options

From the Firefox Options page select the Content tab. Under the Content tab you will see the Languages Heading, select the Choose button opposite the Language heading. 

Select the Choose button opposite the Languages heading

From the Languages page select the dropdown Select a language to add.. to add a new language and click the Add button. Your new language will then be added, you then need to set the languages in order of preference. Highlight the Language you wish to use and then use the Move Up button to move your preferred language to the top of the list and click Ok to save the changes you have made. 


Select the preferred Language and move it to the top of the list

Your Firefox Browser date format has now been updated. 

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Updating Browser Date format in Safari 

Changing the Date format in Safari is a little different than other web browsers. Safari doesn't set its own date format within the browser, instead the date format is taken from your System Settings. Therefore to change the date format in Safari you need to change the language settings on your computer. 

Changing Date format in Windows

To change the system date format in Windows, begin by opening up the Start Menu by selecting the Windows button or using the Windows Key and open the Control Panel. From the Control Panel select the option Clock Language and Region

Clock Language and Region from Control Panel

Then select Region and Language From the options listed. 

Select Region and Language

Make sure that you have selected the Format tab which will display the options for your systems date format. Then set your preferred date format using the options available from the form. 

Date Format Form


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Changing date format on a Mac. 

To change the date format from your Macintosh, first make sure that Safari has been closed by quitting the application. Then click on the Apple menu on the top left hand side of the screen and select System Preferences from the  menu. 

Select System Settings from Apple menu

From the System Preferences menu select Language and Text, which appears under the Personal section of the System Preferences menu. 

Select Language and Text

Select the Language tab and you are presented with a list of Languages on your System. Select the Edit List button to edit your languages list, including your preferred language if it isnt already included in the list. Use the Order for Sorted List option to order your language list. The Language at the top of the list is the language which will be used by safari, and your date format will be set to that language. Make sure you have moved your selected language to the top of the list and have edited the list in order or preferenece. You new language settings will take effect after your system has been restarted. 

Language and Text Settings

Thanks to






When will my work be assessed?

When will my work be assessed?

Ambassador College of Christian Ministry operates on a flexible learning platform, allowing students to start a course at any time they wish. This means that at any given moment, you and your colleagues are at different stages on your learning journey, submitting different assignments. Our system is designed for maximum convenience to you, while maintaining integrity in the quality of the training you receive. You can complete online course exercises and participate in moderated discussion boards whenever it suits you. Just log in and navigate around the course web. You may submit an assignment at any time convenient to you (within the overall duration of your student login). It will be assessed during the next assessment period from when you submit it and feedback provided within a week of the end of that period. The Schedule of Assessment periods can be obtained via the "Student Services" dropdown Menu. This arrangement eliminates the need for students to apply for time extensions. You can submit work for assessment any time that suits you with as you plan to complete the course within the suggested 6 month period.


What devices/or browsers can I use to access the ACCM site with?

What devices/browsers can I use to access the ACCM site with?

Our May 2016 upgrade allows access from any PC or Mac, using any internet browser from any device, including IOS, Android and Windows mobile devices (with some limitation with the use of flash quizzes in Foundations of Faith course) in a more responsive way.

Compatible Browsers

  • Microsoft Edge 
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+ (Microsoft announced the end of support for Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10.)
  • Firefox 32+
  • Chrome 37+
  • Apple OS X and IOS 8.00 (native browser)
  • Google Android 4.4
  1. Older browser will most likely work on the site, although we recommend using the latest most stable release.
  2. On each browser, ensure that the region/language of the browser matches your region and the region of the operating system.
Tablets and Mobile Phone Technology

Most tablets and mobile phones equipped with a web browser will be able to access all of your class content including registration and assessment areas. Our site is a responsive website.

Flash Quizes

Our Foundations of Faith course uses quizes that are adobe flash based, so these wont work on most mobile devices and will only work in browser that have flash capabilities.

If you have any difficulties in accessing the site please talk to our friendly team via our email helpdesk for further assistance. 





What is the Cost of doing a course with ACCM?

What is the Cost of doing a course with ACCM?

Credit Students:

Offered as part of the Diploma of Christian Ministry, courses taken for credit include graded assessments in addition to access to the online course material. The Diploma qualification is denominationally accredited and recognized by Grace Communion International. The enrollment fee per course taken for Credit is US$150.