20120201 - Comments on ACCM Clasess (30/04/2012) 
   Being a newly ordained elder, the ACCM program has been most valuable to me. I have really enjoyed the curriculum and the flexibility for people like me. Not only have I learned on a scale that is difficult to quantify, but I have been able to share
 20110301 John Howard Completes Diploma (2/06/2011) 
   John has worked his way through the course over a period of three years and recently has talked with Ted Johnson regarding ACCM...
 20100801 Ada Wilson - Certificate Awarded (15/04/2011) 
   Ambassador College of Christian Ministry congratulates Ada Wilson, of Norfolk, Virginia. Ada has worked though the complete Diploma Christian Ministry Program and was awarded her certificate at the recent Orlando Conference...
 20100301-Web Site Upgrade (15/04/2011) 
 20100520-Class Resources Relocated (15/04/2011)